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Hymn Tune Portraits

Uncomplicated music that uses tone painting, capturing the essential character of commonly used hymn tunes. Use of repetitive and sustained pedal parts.

Written by: Nelson, Ronald
Item #: 977027
Sale price $5.50

Love Divine: Six Practical Hymn Preludes on Familiar Tunes

A collection of hymn preludes by J. William Greene based on six often-used hymn tunes.

Written by: Greene, J.
Item #: 977437
Sale price $9.00

Thanksgiving Fanfare


A festive fanfare for Thanksgiving based on the tune KREMSER by Charles Callahan.

Written by: Callahan, Charles
Item #: 976018pdf
Price $9.00

Thanksgiving Fanfare

A festive fanfare for Thanksgiving based on the tune KREMSER by Charles Callahan.

Written by: Callahan, Charles
Item #: 976018POD
Price $11.00

Oh Come Let Us Sing unto the Lord

A stately choral title based on Psalm 95 by David W. Music. Scored for SAB choir and piano, used for Thanksgiving, Reformation, or general use.

Written by: Music, David
Item #: 983818POD
Price $11.00

For the Fruits of His Creation

…tune and setting by David von Kampen of Fred Pratt Green's Thanksgiving hymn for SA choir and piano. A melody is introduced in stanza one and countermelody in stanza two. The final stanza masterfully blends the two together with a flowing piano accompaniment serving as a foundation. This text is the…

Written by: von Kampen, David
Item #: 984215
Price $1.90

To Thee, O Lord, Our Hearts We Raise / The King of Love My Shepherd Is

A setting by Benjamin M. Culli of his own expressive tune HARVEST SONG for SATB choir and piano. Two texts are provided: a harvest and thanksgiving text by William C. Dix; and the Good Shepherd favorite by Henry W. Baker. Two options for stanza two are provided to accommodate varying ability levels…

Written by: Culli, Benjamin
Item #: 984073
Price $1.90

Hymn Preludes for the Autumn Festivals

A collection of seven festive preludes by Wilbur Held for Autumn observances, including Thanksgiving and Harvest, Reformation Day, and End Times.

Written by: Held, Wilbur
Item #: 975360
Price $11.00

Wondrous Love

…Love Is This (WONDROUS LOVE); All Glory, Laud, and Honor (VALET WILL ICH DIR GEBEN); Come, Thou Almighty King (ITALIAN HYMN); Hark, the Voice of Jesus Crying (GALILEAN); Praise to the Lord, the Almighty (LOBE DEN HERREN); Songs of Thanksgiving (NUN DANKET ALLE GOTT and (ST. GEORGE'S WINDSOR)

Written by: Eithun, Sandra
Item #: 977325
Price $20.00

For the Beauty of the Earth (Koeritz)

This arrangement for two-part choir and piano combines a newly-composed tune with the familiar hymn tune DIX. Easy and accessible to children’s choirs of all ages and sizes, this piece makes a great introduction to two-part singing. For the beauty of the earth, For the glory of the skies, For…

Written by: Mason Koeritz
Item #: 984260
Price $1.90

Greet Now the Swiftly Changing Year

Poet laureate Jaroslav Vajda offers this Christ-centered text that gracefully unfolds between the gentle solo and choral textures shared between voices and a solo instrument.

Written by: Jeffrey, Richard
Item #: 983854
Price $1.65

This Is the Day (Behnke)

…is based on well-known verses of Psalm 118 for SATB and organ or piano. With a memorable refrain, we recount the gift of a new day and give thanks to God. Very accessible and engaging and useful anytime for praise and thanksgiving and especially Easter. This is the day that the Lord has made; let…

Written by: John A. Behnke
Item #: 984228
Price $2.30

We Give Thanks to You, O God

…times of thanksgiving, and other festive occasions. The chorale portion of the piece may also be used in the service as the Gloria in excelsis. Keyboard or brass quartet may substitute for Choir II, allowing several performance options: 1) SATB vs SATB 2) SATB vs keyboard (organ or piano) 3) SATB vs…

Written by: Hildebrand, Kevin
Item #: 984070
Sale price $0.98

Three Pieces for Two Flutes and Organ

A collection of imaginative arrangements of well-known hymn-tunes, especially well-suited for Thanksgiving, Reformation, and patriotic commemorations.

Written by: Powell, Robert
Item #: 977156
Sale price $7.50

Heavenly Father, King Almighty

Classic motifs are woven together with favorite hymn tunes. Usable throughout the Church Year.

Written by: Culli, Benjamin
Item #: 977155
Sale price $7.50

From Heaven Winging

…Gloria! God’s Son so lowly, Infant so holy. Gloria! Gloria! Join we the chorus— God’s love is for us. Gloria! Gloria! Hymn and thanksgiving To God the living. Gloria! Gloria! With all creation, For our salvation. Gloria! Gloria! Copyright © 2017 Concordia Publishing House

Written by: Henry V. Gerike
Item #: 984274
Price $1.90

O Christ the Same

A Timothy Dudley-Smith text expounds upon the divine unchanging nature of Christ. Reproducible congregation page included. Instrumental parts included.

Written by: von Kampen, Kurt
Item #: 983729
Sale price $1.00

Three Easy Settings for Two-Part Choir

…or piano by Henry V. Gerike. The first in the trio, “Now Thank We All Our God,” combines the first stanza of the hymn and the tune NUN DANKET ALLE GOTT with verses of comfort from Psalm 31, including “My times are in Your hand,” appropriate for times of thanksgiving. At…

Written by: Henry V. Gerike
Item #: 977745
Price $7.00

Three Toccatas for Festive Occasions

Sondra Tucker, a well-known handbell composer, has given us this set of three toccatas for organ for use on major festivals of the Church Year.

Written by: Tucker, Sondra
Item #: 977372
Sale price $8.00

Love Is the Sunlight: Eight Hymn Preludes for Weddings or General Use

This collection for piano by Sandra Eithun features eight favorite wedding tunes; also appropriate on numerous other occasions.

Written by: Eithun, Sandra
Item #: 977411
Price $18.00

All through the Church Year

An imaginative sound pallet inspires these brief hymn-based preludes. Familiar melodic motifs and phrases are shared between the flute and piano, resulting in becoming arrangements for the entire Church Year.

Written by: Henkelmann, Brian
Item #: 977292
Price $20.00

Joyful We Adore Thee: Easy Hymn Preludes for Manuals

…nine hymn preludes include “Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart,” “Great Is Thy Faithfulness,” and “Praise to the Lord, the Almighty.” Perfect for the beginner or for an advanced organist to sight-read. Being manuals-only, these settings also work well on piano.

Written by: J. Wayne Kerr
Item #: 977735
Price $22.00

Shall We Gather at the River (Leavitt)

An outstanding edition with settings that invigorate the passion of the spirituals.

Written by: Leavitt, John
Item #: 977055
Price $18.00

We Praise You and Acknowledge You

A regal confessional hymn based on the Te Deum, drawn from Lutheran Service Book. Each stanza is artfully designed to accompany the text. Optional single brass instruments provide melodic reinforcement or descant. An intriguing introduction and coda provide a sense of mystery and anticipation.

Written by: Ore, Charles
Item #: 977286
Price $25.00
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