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The Story Bible

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The Story Bible
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The Story Bible

…preschools, or as part of a congregation-wide children’s ministry, this Bible will make a lasting impact. See what others are saying about The Story Bible. Features: • 130 Bible stories drawn directly from the Bible • Focus on Christ with Old Testament prophecies included •…

Written by: Engelbrecht, Edward; Pawlitz, Gail
Item #: 012049
Sale price $24.99

One Hundred Bible Stories

…to help make teaching the Bible a memorable experience. Each story is illustrated with a beautiful full-color picture, designed to catch the attention of young readers and impress upon them the excitement of Bible history. The stories are told in the language of the Bible, have explanatory notes,…

Item #: 562512
Sale price $12.99

Concordia's Bible History Workbook

For use with the comprehensive Bible overview, Concordia's Bible History, this student workbook provides questions and activities to help students understand the Law and Gospel application of Bible stories.

Item #: 223165
Sale price $11.99

Old Testament 2 Bible Story Poster Set

…mission trips. Each 15” x 18” poster is printed on durable cardstock and is suitable for framing. This Bible Story Poster set includes these thirteen Old Testament Bible stories: Joseph and His Brothers Joseph’s Troubles Joseph Feeds Egypt Joseph Forgives The Birth of Moses Moses…

Item #: 444109
Price $15.99

My First Bible Storybook (English)

Overview My First Bible Storybook brings 72 of the best-loved Bible stories to life for children as young as two years. Staying close and faithful to the biblical text, this children's Bible presents a great introduction to God's Word for the whole family to enjoy.

Written by: Burghof, Michael
Item #: 562492
Sale price $11.99

120 Bible Stories

…of Bible stories presents the history of God’s grace-filled interactions with His people. Told through the words of Holy Scripture, children ages 8 to 12 learn God’s many Old Testament promises to send a Savior and see how these promises have been fulfilled in Jesus Christ. Each story

Written by: Weinstock, Dawn
Item #: 012053
Sale price $16.99

Small Deluxe Bible Story Set

…basics of Bible story telling. The set contains the same items as the Basic Bible Set, plus much more. It includes 600 figures and objects, including 12 figures of Jesus, buildings, pyramids, chairs, tombs, and much more to create over 400 scenes. The Teacher Manual offers 182 stories with two…

Item #: 251357
Price $179.99

On a Silent Night - Arch Books

This book retells the story of Christmas (Luke 2:1-20). The Arch® Books series tells popular Bible stories through fun-to-read rhymes and bright illustrations. This well-loved series captures the attention of children, telling scripturally sound stories that are enjoyable and easy to remember. This…

Written by: Davis, Joy
Item #: 591537
Price $2.99

Know the Bible Now

…quickly increases your Bible literacy skills by presenting:* The story of God and His people from beginning to end in 120 key Bible stories* Overviews of biblical events* Big themes and teachings found in the Bible* 107 infographic summaries for all 66 books of the Bible* 134 realistic art prints…

Written by: Concordia Publishing House
Item #: 012108
Sale price $16.99

120 Bible Stories Activity Book

…each story included in 120 Bible Stories. Each activity has three sections: * Reviewing God's Word * Thinking About God's Word * Applying God's Word The activities and questions help students recall facts about the Bible story, dig deeper into the who, what, when, where, why and how of each story,

Written by: Concordia Publishing House
Item #: 223134
Price $12.49

Family Time: A Collection of 98 Bible Stories and Devotions

…Through Bible stories and related devotions, families can spend time together sharing Bible learning, praying, and reflecting on life connections. From Genesis to Paul’s Missionary Journeys, travel together to learn about God’s plan of salvation for you! Bible stories and devotions…

Item #: 223139
Price $24.99

Concordia's Bible History Student Book

Overview Concordia's Bible History provides a comprehensive review of 143 key Bible stories from the Old and New Testaments to help students develop an understanding of God's plan of salvation for us through Jesus Christ. Colorful illustrations, maps, helpful footnotes, and connections to Luther's…

Item #: 223164
Sale price $21.99

The Easter Story: Drawn directly from the Bible

…Includes:* Rich, realistic illustrations* Wording drawn directly from the Scriptures* Read-aloud or read-along format* Discussion helps* Prayer summaries* Vocabulary helps * Suggested activities *The material in this product was pulled directly from the best-selling book The Story Bible.

Written by: Concordia Publishing House
Item #: 562474
Price $7.99

A Child's Garden of Bible Stories (HB)

Remember when you read your first Bible storybook? It may have been this volume. Originally written in 1948, this book has enjoyed a popular readership for more than fifty years. Today's classic version offers sixty Old and New Testament Bible stories in updated language. Read to your children the…

Written by: Gross, Arthur
Item #: 562353
Price $12.99

Adult Bible Study (OT2)

…personal reflection. The Adult Bible Study includes: * A background Bible commentary for the Bible study leader * A four-step weekly study outline with teaching points and discussion questions * Reproducible participant pages The thirteen Old Testament Bible stories covered in the God Protects His…

Item #: 460250
Price $31.99

Color & Wonder- New Testament

…Wonder – New Testament includes Bible story coloring pages and more than 70 New Testament activities to keep children engaged as they learn Bible truths. Each reproducible page includes “I Wonder” questions to explore the story, encourage faith conversations, and teach Bible words.

Written by: Concordia Publishing House
Item #: 223136
Price $13.49

My First Bible

This collection of 114 Bible stories capture children's attentionwith colorful, detailed illustrations. Kids also learn the significanceof people, places and events of the Old and New Testaments. My First Bible tells storiesin language that is appropriate to read aloud to young children.Stories are…

Written by: Lane, Leena
Item #: 562364
Sale price $12.99

Show Me a Story

stories, the pieces can also be used by the children themselves to tell the stories to each other. Used in such a manner, the Bible stories become very familiar to children and faith applications become easier to retain. Each project includes:* Materials list* Step-by-step instructions* Bible story

Written by: Reith Stohs, Anita
Item #: 124248
Price $11.99

One Hundred Bible Stories Activity Book

…apply what they have learned from One Hundred Bible Stories. Each lesson includes engaging life-application questions that help students connect the Bible stories from the Old and New Testaments to their lives. Answers can be found in the Answer Key to One Hundred Bible Stories and Activity Book.

Item #: 223166
Price $10.99

Answer Key to 120 Bible Stories Activity Book

Overview This book contains the answers to the "For Reflection" discussion questions found in 120 Bible Stories, and the answer key for activities featured in 120 Bible Stories Activity Book. The Answer Key provides not only answers, but also the theological context for the response. View sample…

Written by: Concordia Publishing House
Item #: 223135
Price $15.49

Old Testament 4 Bible Story Poster Set - Donation

…15” x 18” poster is printed on durable cardstock and is suitable for framing. This Bible Story Poster set, God Words through Prophets and Kings, includes these thirteen Old Testament Bible stories: * The Wisdom of Solomon * Solomon Builds the Temple * God Provides for Elijah * Elijah and…

Item #: 444111CGO
Price $15.99

Not-So-Nice Bible Stories: Gory Deaths

…ago. These 18 chapters give you cool trivia, factoids, and things to think about, like * Why the story is in the Bible * How it can guide your life * What it shows you about JesusThese TRUE stories show how God’s justice smashes the sinful, the sinister, the sneaky; and they show how Jesus…

Written by: Schkade, Jonathan
Item #: 562519
Price $14.99

Time with God Devotional Series: People and Stories from the Bible, Volume 1

A devotion book written for all ages for group study. Includes leveled questions, Bible verse and prayer. Materials written at a 3-4th grade reading level for concrete understanding. Ideal for small group ministries, disability ministries, classrooms, families and new Christians. Includes an…

Item #: BLCTWG001
Price $13.99

Praise God with Paper Cups

…and the related Bible story and application. Praise God with Paper Cups combines Bible stories with craft projects that encourage hands-on learning and life-long appreciation of these Bible stories. Crafts are designed as springboards to stimulate understanding of a Bible story and its application.…

Written by: Stohs, Anita
Item #: 124265
Price $11.99
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