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What About The Bible

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What About The Bible
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Changing Currents: What's Civil About Civil Unions?


(1 Session) What's Civil About Civil Unions? examines what the Bible says about gender differences, male-female relationships, and the purpose of marriage: the formation of community and the bearing and nurture of children. Discover how the family as God designed it--father, mother, and children--is…

Written by: Baker, Robert
Item #: 203635
Price $4.99

What Is the Bible - Student Magazine

This four-session course helps students learn about the Bible and, by God's grace, grow in their understanding and appreciation of God's Word. Material is presented in four-color magazine.

Written by: Sawyer, Greg
Item #: 222765
Price $4.69

What Is the Bible - Leaders Guide

This Teachers Guide helps you lead students in activities that will help them learn about the Bible and grow in their understanding and appreciation of God's Word.

Written by: Sawyer, Greg
Item #: 222766
Price $5.69

What about Homosexuality? - Tract (pack of 25)

…tract is intended to help Christians answer some questions about homosexuality. Those questions include * What does God say about homosexuality in His Word, the Bible? * What is the church's message to persons who are homosexual? * What can Christians do for the families of homosexuals? * How should…

Written by: Barry, Alvin
Item #: 101710
Price $4.99

Pulse 064: That's What Christmas Is All About


…Using the classic Christmas special A Charlie Brown Christmas participants will look at what Christmas is really all about. Visit to see all available Pulse Bible studies. Downloadable Bible studies are quick and budget friendly. There are no shipping charges and no more waiting…

Written by: Sengele, Mark
Item #: 203918
Price $4.99

What Luther Says

…introduction explores Luther's life and writings, gives a historical perspective for this volume, and provides a description of how Ewald Plass went about producing this book. Appendices include* brief biographical sketches of prominent individuals mentioned in the quotations* a list of Luther's…

Written by: Luther, Martin
Item #: 155098
Price $54.99

All about Angels


…possess? What happens when they fall? Well suited for youth, young adults, and adult Bible study participants, this study helps shed a clear light on an important part of God's creation—which many are trying to remold in their own image. About CPH Downloadable Bible Studies Downloadable Bible

Written by: Hartman, Jill
Item #: 202438pdf
Price $32.00

The Story Bible

…preschools, or as part of a congregation-wide children’s ministry, this Bible will make a lasting impact. See what others are saying about The Story Bible. Features: • 130 Bible stories drawn directly from the Bible • Focus on Christ with Old Testament prophecies included •…

Written by: Engelbrecht, Edward; Pawlitz, Gail
Item #: 012049
Sale price $19.99

New Testament Outreach Bible

…of fifty, these outreach Bibles are rich in Christ-centered theology and make a wonderful asset to your church's evangelism efforts. Special Features:* About the Bible* Getting Started: A 30-Day Reading Plan* How to Read the New Testament* What the New Testament Says About . . .* Where to Find Help…

Item #: 012124
Price $2.99

Changing Currents: What's Left after Left Behind?


…Behind presents a view of the end times in conflict with the Bible. Explore what God says in His Word about the last days, Christ's return, and the joy believers have as they await "the life of the world to come." Downloadable Bible studies are quick and budget friendly. There are no shipping…

Written by: Baker, Robert
Item #: 203615
Price $4.99

Real Deal: What's the Big Deal?


…prejudice, natural disasters, poverty, terrorism, environment, war, and peace. Includes reproducible student pages. About CPH Downloadable Bible Studies Downloadable Bible studies are available immediately for download after purchase. They are also reproducible so you can make as many copies…

Item #: 203534pdf
Price $32.00

120 Bible Stories Activity Book

…accompany each story included in 120 Bible Stories. Each activity has three sections: * Reviewing God's Word * Thinking About God's Word * Applying God's Word The activities and questions help students recall facts about the Bible story, dig deeper into the who, what, when, where, why and how of…

Item #: 223134
Price $12.49

Real Deal: What's the Big Deal?

World Issues This study deals with the many world issues that young people are seeking to understand and form opinions about – alternative lifestyles, HIV/AIDS, bioethics, abortion, euthanasia, prejudice, natural disasters, poverty, terrorism, environment, war, and peace. Teens want real answers to…

Item #: 203534
Price $14.99

Pulse 071: What Do You Treasure?


…possession? What do you enjoy doing more than anything else? Do we find ourselves hoarding things here on earth when we should be thinking about things more eternal? Students will answer these questions as they study God’s care for His creation. Visit to see all available Pulse Bible

Written by: Becker, Jeremy
Item #: 204129
Price $4.99

What Child is This Children's Christmas Service


…this Advent season, every member can wait in anticipation for the birth of the Savior, joyfully answering the question “What Child is this?” About the Theme What Child Is This? The angel answers the question this way in the presence of the shepherds: “a Savior, who is Christ…

Item #: 351356pdf
Price $24.99

Faith Alive Bible/Concordia Complete Bible Handbook for Students Combo Pack

…book of the Bible and learn more about important people, significant places, customs and traditions, and life in Biblical times. The handbook starts with an introduction to the Bible, looking at questions such as:* Who wrote the Bible?* How is the Bible organized?* What’s up with all those…

Item #: 630903
Price $51.48

The Growing in Faith Bible

…Words highlight essential Bible words, explain what they mean, and teach why they are important for our salvation.* Big Questions and Answers explore difficult questions that come up as we read God’s Word.* Verses for Life are verses to remember that teach us about God’s love and our…

Item #: 012145
Sale price $24.99

Nahum/Habakkuk/Zephaniah - People's Bible Commentary

About the Series Christ-centered Bible truths unfold as you read this complete series of commentaries designed for spiritual growth and reading enjoyment. These trustworthy commentaries help you comprehend what you've read in Scripture as well as apply it to your life. This series is an excellent…

Written by: Westendorf, James
Item #: 128224
Price $14.99

The Hear Me Read Bible

Bible readers become seasoned Bible readers. Read the stories together in this book, then read them again in an easy-to-understand translation of the Bible. Each story in the Hear Me Read Bible Stories offers a few words of encouragement to help you teach Bible concepts to your little one. What is…

Written by: Manz Simon, Mary
Item #: 562472
Sale price $12.99

Not-So-Nice Bible Stories: Gory Deaths

…who lived and died long ago. These 18 chapters give you cool trivia, factoids, and things to think about, like * Why the story is in the Bible * How it can guide your life * What it shows you about JesusThese TRUE stories show how God’s justice smashes the sinful, the sinister, the sneaky; and…

Written by: Schkade, Jonathan
Item #: 562519
Sale price $12.99

Lutheranism 101 - All About Jesus

Christianity really is all about Jesus. Sound simple? That's because it is. God's Son, Jesus Christ, is the true and only heartbeat of our faith. He is how we know that God truly is love. He is whom the prophets speak of throughout history. He humbled himself to become human for the sake of saving…

Written by: Weedon, William C.
Item #: 124397
Sale price $7.99

Something to Sing About (Hymn Study Guide)

…study of Christian hymns that can be used as an adult Bible study, as the basis for an adult instruction class, or as a devotional study for choir or other groups. A fascinating look at the relationship between what we sing and what we teach. Prepared by pastor and hymnwriter Jaroslav J.…

Written by: Vajda, Jaroslav
Item #: 991310
Price $3.75

Changing Currents: The Bible and Same-Sex Marriage


(1 Session) The Bible and Same-Sex Marriage investigates what the Bible says about marriage—from God's perspective. Focusing on key Bible texts, the study shows that marriage is the one-flesh union of one man and one woman, and points all sinners to God's rich forgiveness in Christ available in Word…

Written by: Baker, Robert
Item #: 203614
Price $4.99

How to Read the Bible with Understanding

Overview The Bible is the most widely read book of all time. God communicated His message through Scripture over a period of many centuries and through a variety of human authors. Reading the Bible with understanding is not about merely learning the history of God’s people or the storyline of…

Written by: Burgland, Lane
Item #: 223143
Price $14.99
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